Jury Information

Jury Line: 1-800-656-6638

Street parking is available and the 2-hour time limit will not be enforced.


Please be advised that each juror will be assigned to multiple panels. for some reason you do not receive your panel assignments in the mail, please contact me at 309-467-3312 or by email circuitclerk@woodfordcountyil.gov


Once panel assignments have been mailed out there will be no changes for deferment per the Judge’s guidelines unless it is an absolute emergency.   

Juror questionnaire

Please use a black ink pen when filling out the questionnaire.

If due to a Health reason you feel you cannot serve a written statement from your physician declaring the nature and duration of your condition is required. Please attached this to the questionnaire when you return it.  


Jurors over the age of 80 may choose whether or not they wish to serve.  Please make a notation on your questionnaire that you do not want to serve and return it to me. It is not necessary to complete the questionnaire if you do not wish to serve.  If you wish to serve, you are most welcome; please complete the questionnaire and return it according to the directions above.

When do I need to start calling the Jury Line?

After 6:00 p.m. and each evening thereafter, or as otherwise directed, you are required to call the automated jury line at 1-800-656-6638 or 309-467-4626 to determine the jury panels that need to appear.

I realize that jury service is often inconvenient, the right to trial by jury is one of the most fundamental American principles and is a basic right assured to all persons. The full cooperation of every citizen is necessary if our system of justice is to function fairly and efficiently. As Circuit Clerk, I will make every effort to ensure that your time as a juror is a pleasant one.