Board of Review

It is the responsibility of the Board of Review to ensure that all property in Woodford is assessed at 1/3 of its fair cash value. The Board of Review cannot accept an appeal based on taxes. The Board of Review has no jurisdiction over taxing district budgets.

The Board of Review is comprised of 3 members who are appointed by the County Board. Their clerk is the Supervisor of Assessments.

Before Filing a Complaint

Before a homeowner files a complaint with the Board of Review, we suggest they contact the Supervisor of Assessments Office or contact your local assessor. If you still wish to file a Board of Review complaint you should read through the Rules of Government and the Guidelines to Appeal Assessments. Complaint forms are available through the Supervisor of Assessments Office 309-467-3708.

Complaints must be filed within 30 days after the Supervisor of Assessments Notices of Assessment Changes have been published.

2023 Board of Review Packets

Last day to file is November 27,2023 by 5 P.M.