What is the risk of contracting West Nile encephalitis?
It is limited to persons in areas where there is virus activity, and is higher in persons 50 years of age or older. A 1999 survey of residents living in the most affected area of New York City showed that about 3% of the residents had been infected, and had either no illness or only mild illness. Please call 309-467-3064 for more information.

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1. What is West Nile encephalitis?
2. How do people get West Nile encephalitis?
3. What is the transmission cycle of West Nile Virus in the environment?
4. Is it only humans who become ill when infected with West Nile Virus?
5. What are the symptoms of West Nile encephalitis?
6. What percentage of West Nile Virus cases are fatal?
7. What is the risk of contracting West Nile encephalitis?
8. Is there a treatment for West Nile encephalitis?
9. Is there a vaccine for West Nile encephalitis?
10. If bitten by a mosquito should I be tested?
11. Why is the state testing birds, and what should I do if I find a dead bird?
12. How can West Nile Virus infection be prevented?