Food Sanitation

If you have a public health emergency, please call 9-1-1. After normal business hours, if you have a public health non-emergency or immediate issue/concern, please call 309-467-2375 and ask for the public health administrator on call.

Appointments are required to meet with Eric or Paul in Environmental Health due to heavy workloads - they are regularly out of the office conducting inspections.

Please call 309-467-3064 to set up an appointment.

Food Sanitation Program

The purpose of this program is to promote food safety and to protect citizens from foodborne illness. This mission is accomplished through a variety of enforcement and educational activities:
  1. Permits/Inspections
  2. Note: Inspections for all of these food services are performed following the guidelines of Illinois State Rules and Regulations and Woodford County Ordinance. Licensing fees are based on the type of facility and level of complexity for food preparation, to be determined by WCHD staff.
  3. Consultation/Evaluation/Approval of new facility layout plans
    • Any new restaurant or food service must be approved and licensed by the Woodford County Health Department before it can begin serving food to the public.
  4. Investigation of Complaints
  5. Inservice/Training Food Service Staff
  6. 15-hour IL Foodservice Sanitation Manager
  7. Investigation/Surveillance Foodborne Illness Outbreak
    • A potential foodborne outbreak is a cluster of illnesses in which two or more unrelated persons associated in time and place experience the onset of a similar acute illness following ingestion of common food or drink. WCHD staff follow-up on any report of a potential foodborne illness. Actual foodborne illness cannot be verified without laboratory confirmation.
  8. Public Information/Education/Presentations