Environmental Health

  1. Food Sanitation

    The purpose of the Food Sanitation program is to promote food safety and to protect citizens from foodborne illness.

  2. Radon Test Kit Information

    Woodford County Health Department encourages residents to check the radon levels of their homes during the winter season. The best time to check for radon is during cool weather when windows and doors of homes are kept closed.

  3. Tanning & Body Art Program

    Based on a contract with the Illinois Department of Public Health, annual inspections are performed on licensed tanning facilities to ensure compliance with Illinois tanning facilities program legal base.

  4. Water Testing Information

    Woodford County Health Department provides water sample test kits to the general public.

  5. Well & Septic Information

    The goals of our Well/Septic Program are to ensure safe, potable (drinkable) water by protecting our water sources from contamination, and prevent disease and nuisances by eliminating improperly treated sewage.

  6. West Nile Virus

    Get information about the West Nile Virus.

  7. Boil Orders

    Information on what a boil order means and what you need to do to ensure a safe water supply.