Seasonal Weight Limits

Between January 15 and April 15, Seasonal Weight Limits will be re-evaluated each Monday and Friday morning (or as conditions may dictate) and posted on our website.

For health related emergencies that would require a waiver from the seasonal weight limits, please contact the Woodford County Health Department at 309-467-3064.

With the current weather forecast, the seasonal weight limit RESTRICTIONS WILL BE LIFTED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE 2017 SEASON.  Please check back in January as we prepare for next year's season regarding the status of the Weight Limit Restrictions.

Throughout the year we can continue to add names to our email/text distribution list for the road status updates. Go to the Notify Me button on any page and enter your information.

Weight Limits

The Woodford County Highway Department, in accordance with 625 ILCS 5/15-316, is allowed by ordinance to post County Highways for weight limitations during the spring when roads are soft. The current seasonal weight limit in Woodford County is 5 tons per axle. When in place, all County Highways and township roads will be affected by these weight limits except for the following locations:
  • County Highway 2 - From IL Route 251 to ¼ mile west of IL Route 251
  • County Highway 3 - From Cruger to U.S. Route 24
  • County Highway 5 - From Secor to U.S. Route 24
  • County Highway 8 - From U.S. Route 24 to 800 feet south of U.S. Route 24
  • County Highway 8 - From U.S. Route 150 to 1.25 miles north of U.S. Route 150
  • County Highway 17 - From Kappa to County Highway 6
  • County Highway 21 - From the south village limit to Congerville to U.S. Route 150
  • County Highway 23 - Entire highway
  • County Highway 24 - From Low Point to IL Route 89
These load limitations may be posted anytime between January 15 and April 15 and will be the same for all County Highways and Township roads covered by the various ordinances.

We continually update our contact list for emailing and texting information on the weight limit restrictions. Please click the  Notify Me button on any page and enter your information
if you do not receive our email updates during the January 15 to April 15 time period.